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Does your cat like to sit with you whilst you work on the computer? If so, you might like to get your cat something more comfortable than the bare wooden desk to rest on. This corner desk bed for cats is a great pet accessory for kitties that like to watch you type on your keyboard or handwrite letters to friends and relatives. The lounger will also stop your feline friend from lying over all your important papers and knocking over pens, pencils and beverages.

In an interesting study, anthrozoologists in Switzerland recently discovered that the presence of cats in a room can change a human’s negative mood into a more positive one. Most cat owners knew this already, as did the German theologian and physician, Albert Schweitzer, who once said: “There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats”. Anyone who owns a cat will be aware of the calming properties of a cat’s purr which can be very soothing to their owner’s ears.

The ingeniously designed cat bed can be attached to any type of desk or table with ease. Velcro strips are attached to the sides of the furniture in question and hold the bed securely in place. Three inch high rails prevent your feline companion from falling off when asleep or stretching. The soft material is extremely comfortable and you’ll likely find your cat dozing on your desk when you have long since finished logging off. Available in a wide variety of colors, including beige, burgundy, dark blue, green, white and red, to name but just a few.

You can buy it from here: Cat Corner Desk Lounger.

Measures 19″ x 19″.