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The Corcoran Lounge Chair is one of the most desirable of its kind, not least because of the style and comfort level the furniture provides. With an adjustable rail below the main seating part, this contemporary lounge chair offers the owner a variety of sitting positions. One can recline in a semi-vertical stance or in a completely horizontal and highly relaxing position, depending on the requirements you so desire at any one time.

Another factor which differentiates the Corcoran Lounge from any other type of chair is the fantastic cowhide covers available. With a choice between black and white or brown and white cowhides, the lounge will be a perfect furniture item for particular home decor themes and tastes. The lounge also comes with the choice of a black leather cover for a more home office style modern and sophisticated look.

The contemporary lounge is constructed from a stainless steel tube frame which sits upon a black hammered lacquered base. This is very strong and sturdy and thus creates a secure foundation for a seating item that encourages relaxation and even sleep. The Corcoran Lounge, whether in leather or cowhide, is excellent for short afternoon naps or meditation, as well as for guided relaxation sessions. Above all, it looks great and will become an eye-catching feature in most rooms.

You can buy this lounge here: Corcoran Lounge Chair in Cowhide or Leather.

Price: $1,239