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If you’re looking for a table water fountain that will catch both natural daylight and evening lamp light then this copper table water fountain with three integral oil lamps will be just what you’re looking for. Water features make popular and dynamic additions to any space and when combined with the flickering nature of flame, the effect is doubled. The faint memories of mankind’s beginnings in caves, beside roaring fires and flowing streams, comes gradually to the fore.

The table water fountain with inbuilt oil lamps has been handmade in copper. There is space enough on top for you to place small items such as good luck charms, rings and keepsakes which will personalise the water feature. When the lights are turned low in the late evening, the flickering flames merged with the flowing water will create beautiful sparkles on the copper surface and surrounding walls. If you like to meditate, then this water fountain will make a super addition to a prayer or meditation room.

There are numerous other suitable locations for such an interesting and eye-catching indoor water feature. Serenity and calm will be cultivated in such locations as the main living room, the dining room, a bedroom or hallway. Most types of table tops will compliment the design and attractiveness of the copper material including wooden coffee tables, work desks, bedside tables and sideboards. Placed on a hallway corner table, the water fountain and three oil lamps will welcome visitors to your home with an impressive elegance.

You can find this item at the following location: Water and Fire.

Price: $598