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Copper has long been a popular material for various home decorative items ranging from teapots and vases to candlesticks and wall clocks. It’s also been used in the creation of lighting and this can be seen in this copper shade globe floor lamp by Tom Dixon. The different however between the more traditional designs and this contemporary light is the vacuum metallization process by which the globe was produced and which gives it the ultra-smooth and reflective qualities it has.

The process of vacuum metallization consists of evaporating metals inside a vacuum chamber to achieve a uniform metalized layer. Numerous products are now made this way and the cutting-edge design innovation will surely increase over the next few years. Tom Dixon’s work reflects his excitement over these modern manufacturing processes and this can be seen in this globe floor lamp.

One or two of these placed on the floor in a contemporary interior will give the space a wonderfully creative and magical ambiance. Light will directed to certain parts of the room whilst the shiny copper globe will act like a mirror and reflect the contents of the location in which it is positioned. For anyone looking for ultra-modern floor lighting with manufacturing innovation behind it , then this copper shade globe floor lamp is the perfect choice.

You can buy it from here: Copper Shade Globe Floor Lamp.

Price: $585