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Indoor wall water fountains are increasingly popular features not just for an office environment but also for the home. Proven to increase relaxation and concentration levels, a copper framed indoor fountain like the one seen below is ideal for a home office or library interior. The exquisite design of the ‘Glass Reflections‘ wall fountain is reflected in the materials it is made from which include a glass, copper and natural multi-toned pebbles.

An indoor fountain also reduces noise from elsewhere, such as traffic from a busy road outside. A constant but pleasing white noise barrier is created which takes away more unpleasant sounds from elsewhere. In rooms where meditation or prayer is conducted, the wall fountain will be associated with serenity and the natural world. This is further increased with the attractive materials that make up the feature.

There are a variety of choices available with the purchase of a ‘Glass Reflections’ wall water fountain like this one. Some come with rounded copper borders at the top and the bottom whilst others can be acquired with more squared features. Another option is in the lighting that compliments the fountain. One can choose Halogen lights or LED lighting depending on the decorative requirements you will need. This will also depend on the existing environment in which the wall fountain will be placed.

It’s clean, leak-proof and very attractive to look at as well as being easy on the ears.

You can buy this fountain from here: Glass Reflections Indoor Wall Fountain.

Comes with a remote control too.