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Copper sinks offer a pleasing alternative to the regular white sink basins one finds in the majority of homes. Bathroom interiors often need accent pieces to brighten up the ambiance yet one of the most ideal fittings to achieve this is usually underused. The bathroom sink is a perfect place to achieve an aesthetically pleasing central feature that will uplift one of the most used rooms in the home.

This copper bathroom sink basin is just such a fitting that can be employed in a new bathroom setting that will accentuate other decorative features and create a visually stunning heart to the interior. The swirl design echoes the movement of swirling water as it descends into the plug hole. The sink is made use of multiple times a day and thus the beauty of this copper sink will be seen by the whole family and visiting guests.

The only problem you’ll face is people constantly asking where you purchased such a sophisticated sink that merges with your décor so well. Designed to be placed upon a counter mount, the circular copper sink vessel is individually hand hammered which means each sink is unique and imbued with its own individual characteristics.

You can see a video presentation of this Fuego finished sink as well as purchasing details, here: Copper Bathroom Sink Basin With Swirl Design.

Price: $475 (at time of writing)