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The façade of your home might be an area of the house you would like to spruce up a little bit. After all, it is where people first set eyes on your abode and from where they enter into the inner sanctuary. One family in Florida have taken the design of their home’s front section to a whole new level by fitting a mechanical system that lifts the entire façade into the air. Now why would someone do that? The answer is a family living in a converted aircraft hanger and who own a series of small aircraft including two gyroplanes and a powered parachute, plus their cars.

As one will see in the video below, the garage is huge and is composed of a workshop area, a social seating section and of course, storage space for spare parts and the aircraft themselves. The rest of the home can be accessed from around the side of the home and directly through the garage itself, which has been painted and decorated with personal accessories and images. For most people who don’t live in a former aircraft hanger, this type of wild garage door design would not be appropriate, possible or desirable but it does show what can be achieved with a little ingenuity and crazy thinking.

When the family come to sell the house, it is sure to attract the attention of aircraft enthusiasts who would rather store their small planes at home. The garden of the property is actually a runway and thus it is a dream home for those born with aviation in their hearts.

Via: Toxel