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If you’re looking for something different to the regular ubiquitous wooden bookcases in stores across the country, then you will like this contemporary spine-like metal book tower from SEI. Reminiscent of a human spine, the silver tower is capable of holding dozens of books, CDs, DVDs, games and magazines as well as anything else which will fit into the shelves. It will make an ideal addition to an interior which needs an injection of modern style.

The spine-like metal book tower is made from durable solid metal which has been given a powder-coated silver finish. This combination brings a retro-chic feel to an interior setting and will compliment well with décor schemes both modern and traditional. The eleven shelves, sleek and simple in appearance, are capable of holding multiple items which can vary depending on the location in which the tower is placed. When loaded with books, the individual shelves seem to disappear.

In a living room or home study, the spine-style book tower can store books and CDs whilst in a bathroom or bedroom, it can be used as a towel, linen and clothing storage piece. Placed in a kitchen, you can store both cookbooks, tea towels and dried food containers on this contemporary tower stand. The possibilities are endless. It’s sleek design means it will look good in any type of room from a bedroom or bathroom to a home library or family room.

You can buy this tower from here: SEI Metal Spine-Style Book Tower.

Price: $118