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Water jugs for pouring water into drinking glasses are usually a simple affair. We imagine a regular shaped jug with a glass handle and a gentle groove of a spout at the top. However, the Menu Pil Bredahl water jug is something else entirely. This is a contemporary slender shaped water jug with a lid that automatically opens when pouring. It’s both elegantly stylish and highly functional.

The Menu Pil Bredahl water jug is the creation of award winning Danish designer Pil Bredahl. A former student at the famous Danish Design School, Bredahl has gained a name as one of the more creative and dynamic of young furniture and house-ware designers in Europe and indeed, the world. Her talent can be seen with this contemporary water jug which combines form with function beautifully.

The slender design of the Menu Pil Bredahl water jug means it will compliment a variety of settings whether on a table indoors or outdoors. A special mechanism in the lid section allows the water to be poured without having to take off, or even touch, the lid itself. When the water jug is placed back on the table, the lid closes thereby preventing dust and insects to fall into the fresh water. The automation of the lid also insures any ice cubes, mint leaves or slices of lemon stay inside.

This contemporary glass water jug will make a great tableware and serving accessory for garden and house parties where a little modern flair is desired.

It’s had some very good reviews which you can read via the link above.