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As previously mentioned many times on Home Interior Design Themes, I have long had an interest in the religion of Buddhism. At the last count I had around a dozen Buddha statues dotted around the house in all shapes, sizes and materials. The figure of the meditating Buddha is a reminder of the importance of mindfulness and meditation. This contemporary silver Buddha statue is just such a meditation sculpture that will also add a modern touch to a room.

The silver Buddha sculpture is a contemporary take on the centuries old image of the Buddha sitting in meditation. For Buddhist practitioners who like a little stylish modernity in their meditation or prayer room, the silver Buddha sculpture will provide this in both look and feel. The Buddha statue is made from silver polished aluminum and has a padded base so any surfaces are not scratched or damaged.

I like the concept of a silver Buddha statue, mainly due to the nature of its surface. Candles are often used during meditation whether in our private homes or in local meditation groups in a public hall. This silver Buddha statue will thus provide an extra reflective surface for candlelight to bounce off and create a beautiful water-like effect. The Buddha sculpture can also be used as a decorative piece in a living room or bedroom regardless of whether one practices meditation or not. Its contemporary nature and stylish form makes it a nice addition for a variety of settings.

You can buy this silver meditation sculpture from here: Contemporary Silver Buddha Statue.

Price: $48