Have you been looking for a credenza which is a lot different from the rest? Take a look at this contemporary Sachi credenza by Japanese designer Akemi Tanaka that features a central peek-a-boo rectangular hole, smooth attractive surfaces, and plenty of storage cabinet space within. It’s a stand-alone furniture piece which means it can be situated anywhere in the home interior and is capable of fulfilling a variety of different functions depending on the room in which it is placed.

Credenzas were extremely popular during the latter half of the 19th Century and are thought to have an Italian origin, as the name suggests. This name appears to come from the Latin word for “trust” and is believed to stem from the tradition of placing food on sideboards in full view of visiting guests to highlight the honourable intentions of the host. Some households would even get a servant to test the food to assure everyone that no poisonous schemes had been hatched. However, thankfully, nowadays the credenza acts as a decorative as well as functional furniture piece for the placement of a whole host of items that will not bring apprehension to your friends and family.

This beautifully crafted Sachi credenza can be situated in a number of possible interiors. If you want to keep to tradition, you can locate it in the kitchen or dining room where it can be used to store tableware as well as a display and service space for delicious dishes about to be served at the nearby dinner table. Alternatively, the credenza can be placed in a bedroom where it can take on the role of a bedroom cabinet. If you like to work from home then it can also be a useful storage feature in a home office or library where it can be used for the tidy placement of electronic equipment, books, stationery, and other related items. The surface space is ideal for displaying decorative ornaments, photographs, floral displays, and even a television.

You can read more about it as well as view the purchasing details here: Sachi Credenza by Akemi Tanaka.

Features a natural walnut grain.