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Tableware such as this appealing rose shaped tea cup set can be used to serve two functions. The first is of course as a tea cup for the enjoyment of drinking tea. The second is as a decorative item that can grace a kitchen table, sideboard or shelving on the wall. Then of course the two can be combined when the decorative tea cup is taken into the bedroom, living room or elsewhere in the home. This contemporary rose shaped tea cup, saucer and spoon set as seen below is an ideal item to fulfil this duel role.

rose-shaped-tea-cup-saucer-spoon-setThe rose shaped tea cup is made from porcelain and has been uniquely hand crafted and hand painted. It’s part of the Blossom collection which has been featured by Kathy Ireland. As one will notice, the tea cup has been delicately formed to look like a rose bud in bloom whilst at the base is a lovely contrasting yellow decoration. The tea cup saucer matches the cup’s design and has a looking of petals unfurling under the morning sunshine. Just the imagery you need when trying to wake yourself up with a cup of tea before work.

The third item in the set is a rose shaped tea spoon which has a rose bud handle. Again, like the tea cup saucer, the spoon is decorated with the rich red, yellow and white that is seen on the contemporary rose cup and saucer. The character of this 3-piece tea set is undeniable and will add a floral decorative charm to any interior setting in which it is found. If you have a wife, mother, grandmother or great aunt who loves flowers, then this rose shaped tea cup, saucer and spoon will make an excellent gift. It’s sure to garner appreciative comments from visiting guests as well.

You can buy this porcelain tea set from this location: Rose Shaped Tea Cup, Saucer and Spoon.

Price: $100