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I know as a Jazz fan myself that decorative art and images of Jazz bands and anything related can make wonderfully attractive gifts. The musical instruments that are part of the typical Jazz group lend themselves in their form and function to art and in this particular case, to a contemporary metal wall sculpture. After all, when one thinks of a saxophone or guitar, one sees the beautiful curves of the instrument and the delightful flowing sophistication of the sounds they produce.

jazz-contemporary-metal-wall-sculptureThis contemporary metal wall sculpture portrays Jazz instruments interweaving with one another. The objects include a trumpet, a keyboard, a bass and the most famous Jazz instrument of all, the saxophone. This visual melody sums up the magic of Jazz perfectly, where different musical instruments compete with one another, compliment each other and weave their wondrous tones and beats in and out like a woven tapestry.

The Jazz metal wall sculpture is cut from mild steel which has been given a natural finish. A frame made from welded iron surrounds the intricately cut instruments. This particular contemporary metal wall sculpture is made by skilled craftsmen located in the state of South Carolina.

For a Jazz lover and art enthusiast, this Jazz wall sculpture will be the perfect addition to any wall where a sophisticated and stylish focus is required.

You can buy this piece from the following location: ‘Jazz Rhapsody’ Steel Wall Sculpture