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It’s important when working from home to have conditions that are suitable for concentration and bodily health that one often finds in traditional office settings. Lighting in the home office is one of the elements one needs to get right in order to avoid eye strain, damage and unnecessary tiredness. The contemporary LED optic desk lamp as seen in the picture below is on such home office table lamp that contributes to both working conditions and also the general aesthetic style of the interior where one works.

The LED optic desk lamp has a unique and contemporary design that brings a modernist approach to the desk surface. Whether one is working at a computer, checking a PDA, writing a letter or reading a novel, the optic desk lamp with LED lights will provide the ideal amount of light with which to work by, whatever time of day or night. The optic desk lamp is comprised of three strips of white LED bulbs which are fitted in the upper part of the desk lamp structure. The angle at which the lights shine means it is especially beneficial to computing, writing and reading.

At the base of this contemporary LED optic desk lamp is a second lighting source which gives off a vivid blue glow. This is for decoration and ambiance enhancement which also contributes to mental relaxation. The LED bulbs are highly energy efficient and do not give off too much heat which can be a bane with more traditional bulbs.

If you’re looking for a contemporary home office desk lamp with a difference, then this modern LED optic desk lamp is a great place to start. It’s wavy, functional and mood enhancing which make long evenings at the computer screen much more comfortable and stylish.

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Price: $78