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Children love to imitate adults and the things they see around them. When it comes to the kitchen environment, a lot of things are too dangerous for little kids to play with but that needn’t mean the fun of the kitchen cannot come to them in another format. The contemporary kid’s play kitchen, as seen below, is a replica of a modern and stylish kitchen that will focus your children’s attention and provide them with hours of fun, happiness and creative endeavours.

The LifeStyle Dream Kitchen features all the devices, appliances and fittings you would expect to see in a real kitchen interior. There’s an oven, a microwave, a refrigerator, sink, cupboards, overhead light and phone. A 37 piece accessory set which includes bowls, cups and cutlery are also present and together with the steel, wood and granite décor effects, the kid’s play kitchen is a highly realistic toy for your little child. However, that’s not all, for what distinguishes this play set from others are the cool sound effects.

When a toy pan or pot is placed on one of the stove burners, a sound effect is heard, imitating the sound of either boiling water or that of a frying pan, depending on which burner it is placed. The microwave and phone also have distinct sounds which will delight children and make the overall kitchen very realistic and familiar. An overhead light switches on and off whilst various knobs and taps can be turned and pulled.

The play kitchen is extremely sturdy and faces up to rigorous play. It is large enough to keep a child entertained but small enough to be placed in just about any interior environment without become a burden. This means it can be situated in a living room, bedroom or playroom depending where the child’s activities are most often enjoyed. The product has received many positive reviews and these can be seen together with previous buyer’s pictures via the link below.

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Measures approximately 35.5″ x 15.25″ x 44.75″.