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Have you ever wanted a waterproof lighting system that lit up your bath water whilst you were enjoying a soak? Imagine the beautiful effect that would achieve, especially during a romantic cuddle with your spouse or sweetheart. Just like the lights in a jacuzzi brighten the bubbling water, so does this illuminated bath lighten up your bathroom enjoyment.

Imagine the scene, you’ve had a hard sweaty day at work. You come home and are in desperate need of a soak and a glass of wine. Upon entering the bathroom, you dim the ceiling lights, maybe light a candle and some incense and place your glass on a small stand. A radio sits on the shelf. You turn it to your favorite station and breathe your first sigh of contentment. Next you run the tap, flick a switch and drop some bath oils or soaps into the bathtub.


A few minutes later, you climb into the bathtub and lower yourself to a restful position. The water is perfect, the scents divine, the music just right and the lighting, absolutely stunning! You see, you’ve just climbed into the illuminated bath as seen in the image above. In your mind, can you see the reflection of the water shimmering on the ceiling and walls? The ripples almost dancing to the classical or jazz music that plays on the radio. Memories seep back to the fore, of happy summer days sitting by the sea or holiday lakes. So what is this illuminated bath exactly?

This illuminated bath, designed by Jan Puylaert, is made from polyethylene which is an extremely strong plastic material. As well as this, it also has a remarkable chemical resistance which is important in the bathroom environment. It comes with internal multicolored and programmable LED light units which means a wonderful lighting effect without the hassle of outside attachable lighting equipment.

It comes in a variety of colors including multi-chromatic, orange, lemon yellow, pink, red and white. You can read more about this extraordinary bath tub over here: LTT Illuminated Bathtub

I should warn you, it’s expensive, with a price tag of $1,999 at the time of writing but my gosh, what an original and fantastic design and concept. You can also see more pictures of the illuminated bath via the link mentioned previously.

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