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For anyone with a fascination for 20th Century furniture design and dollhouses, this contemporary dollhouse with an ultra-modern twist will be an interesting find. Most of us are familiar with the more traditional dolls’ houses from the 18th and 19th centuries which portray the home interiors of those periods in stunning detail. Little girls have long adored such creations and spent hours arranging tea parties and balls for the dolls and teddy bears.

However, this contemporary dollhouse is more for adults who love and admire the amazing furniture designs of the 20th Century. The architecture of the dollhouse is also decidedly of this particular period and matches seamlessly with the date and style of the furnishings. Featuring three different levels, the modern miniature house is also comprised of 4 separate rooms or spaces. A spiral staircase is to be seen in one of the lower rooms. On the roof is a garden-like scene with outdoor furniture.

The outer walls of the dollhouse are see-through and made to look like glass, as has been a popular architectural design element in many homes over the last few decades. It also allows for easy viewing of the miniature furniture and decorations that come with the house. The dollhouse can be placed on a table in a prominent position in a room dedicated to art, design, culture and learning. Many people work from home these days and thus home offices, libraries and studios are more common. This model house will fit perfectly in such an interior.

Ultra Modern Doll And Furniture House Set – $198.00
Retail Price: $208.00
You Save: $10.00
from: Chiasso

Size: 16″L x 23″W x 15″H