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This contemporary black and white striped Martini table reminded me of the black Martini glass set I wrote about last week. If you like to drink Martinis or regularly hold social functions in your home then this unique and vibrant Martini table might just be the magical decorative addition you were looking for. It’s certainly eye-catching and for an interior which is designed for expression, fun and merriment, then this zebra-style Martini table is perfect.

The Martini table, as you can see, is decorated with black and white stripes that are circular on the round tabletop and vertical down the trunk of the table. A high gloss finish gives it a shiny appearance which will compliment a room with colorful lighting that is usually present during cocktail and drinks parties. As I mentioned with the unusual black Martini glasses, this contemporary black and white striped Martini table will be very well suited to a Bohemian style interior or one that is already decorated with a black and white theme.

It’s also a perfect furniture piece for a student house or dorm room were it can act as an accent table or even a laptop table for a student who likes a little funky decor. In fact, if I was back at college, I would purchase this black and white Martini table for that very reason. One could also place it in a home library or study where it can act as a small table for colorful plants or as an interesting and modern lamp stand. The possibilities with such a unique and eye-catching zebra-style table are endless.

You can buy this Martini table from the following location: Contemporary Black and White Striped Martini Table.