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The Mint automatic floor cleaner does all the hard work for you and lets you get on with other household tasks or hobbies. With a couple of easy selections, the robot floor cleaner from Evolution Robotics sweeps and mops hard floor surfaces without you having to guide it around the room. A special in-built detection system allows the robot to detect and move around furniture and similar objects without damaging either.

There are two separate modes in which the Mint automatic floor cleaner works. These are mopping and sweeping. The mopping motion allows for dirt and grime to be wiped off floor surfaces using pre-moistened disposable cleaning cloths whilst the sweeping motion is best for picking up dry dirt, dust and hair. The Mint robot cleaner even tracks where it has already been in the room which means the whole floor is taken care of and any unnecessary movement is reduced.

Special smart sensors allows allow the Mint robot hard floor cleaner to move around raised carpets and rugs as well as the drop of a downward step. When the robot has completed the floor cleaning, it returns to the original starting point where it then parks itself. This is all provided by the North Star Navigation System inside. All this means, if you dislike cleaning or vacuuming the floors in your home and want to be able to get on with other jobs in the meanwhile, the Evolution Robotics Mint Robot floor cleaner is the perfect companion for your home.

You can buy it from here: Evolution Robotics Mint Automatic Hard Floor Cleaner, 4200.

Price: $249.95

Check the link above to see a video clip of this cleaner in use.