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Do you fondly remember the old license plates that used to adorn the cars of yesteryear? If so, you will definitely like this colorful wall clock composed from images of vintage car license plates. Each of the 12 numbers is different in its color combination and together they form a type of color wheel that’s certainly pleasing on the eye. Wall clocks are usually quite similar in appearance, give or take a border or numerical style, but this contemporary clock is certainly very different from the rest.

The designer, Grace Feyock, has taken images from old licence plates and arranged them into a clock face format. Near to each number you can just make out the lettering that would also have been present on the metal plate which adds to the distinctive quality and visual interest. Many of the number plates are pretty battered and weathered in appearance which brings a certain charm and historical awareness to the clock’s face. Rustic bronze detailing, in the form of the clock’s hands, central portion, and edges gives the clock a delightful antique ambiance.

A wall clock of this style will look great in interior spaces such as a games room, a bachelor’s apartment, a car enthusiast’s study, and/or in the main living room of a family who love American cultural history and good looking decorative accessories. It’s eye-catching and thus impossible for visitors to not notice where the clock is positioned. The color scheme will add brightness and life to what might otherwise be a slightly bland and boring décor scheme, much in need of a lift. It will also look great on the wall of a garage or shed where time-keeping is needed so as a much loved hobby does not run overtime.

You can buy it from here: Vintage Car License Plates Wall Clock.

Overall dimensions: 28.875″ H x 28.875″ W x 2″ D