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It’s always a pleasure to come across the work of a new artist and this is the position I was faced with when I first saw the work of the young American artist Natasha Wescoat. Below you will see an example of her work which has been turned into a colorful tree tapestry named ‘Trinitary’. The colorful tree tapestry as well as much of Wescoat’s work is in many ways reminiscent of the work by Gustav Klimt and Paul Klee. Both favorite artists of mine mainly for their stunning and tasteful use of color.

The colorful ‘Trinitary’ tree tapestry shows three trees on hilltops which can be symbolic of many things to different people. Whether they convey meaning or not, the beautiful forms, tones and colors will compliment and highlight a varied array of home interiors. The tree tapestry can for instance be hung in the living room over the hearth and will become a vibrant focal point for the family during the evenings. Alternatively the colorful tree tapestry can be hung in a hallway where visitors will be able to admire the fantastic forms of the three trees and the circular leaves or stars surrounding them.

Any room in the home will make a possible location in which this colorful tree tapestry can be hung. Tapestries by their very nature are meant to be hung on a wall and their history goes back a long way. The tree tapestry such as the one mentioned here will not only inject color and contemporary vibrancy but also add a certain old-worldly air to the home. This is beneficial to many interiors especially those that seek to merge the old with the new or vice-versa.

Natasha Wescoat is a young American artist from Michigan who was born in 1982. She has already achieved what artists twice her age could only dream of. Having won numerous awards, Wescoat has also penned a book as well as having her work in collections worldwide including England, France, Japan, Bahrain, Germany and Australia to name but a few. In 2007 she was named “Emerging Artist and Trendsetter” by Art Business News.

If you like the works of Klimt, Klee and Miro, then you will like this colorful tree tapestry inspired by a painting from the creative paintbrush of Natasha Wescoat. It’s sure to add color, form, inspiration and many talking points wherever it is hung in the home.

You can buy this tapestry from the following location: Colorful Trinitary Tree Tapestry.