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In my years as a designer, if there is one thing I’ve tried to bring to a kitchen interior, it’s color. Many kitchens I’ve visited just don’t have enough colorful accessories or decoration and this can leave this important interior feeling bland and lifeless. That’s why this colorful spice and pepper grinder set immediately reminded me of these past interiors. A few of these dotted about the kitchen or dining room table, will bring the scene to life.

colorful-spice-and-pepper-grinder-setThe set includes four individual grinders, each one a different color. Pepper is the first seasoning which comes to mind as its also the most popular on most dining tables. However, as one can see from the picture, many other spices and seasoning such as ginger, cinnamon and cloves will be perfectly suitable.

If you have a white kitchen or an otherwise colorless interior where you do most of your cooking and dining, then these colorful spice and pepper grinders will make an ideal addition. They are contemporary, funky and expressive and yet retain perfect function that is not diluted by form. For a little injection of style and color, you can’t go far wrong with this attractive kitchen grinder set. You don’t have to hide them away when not in use either.

You can purchase this set from the following location: Colorful Spice and Pepper Grinder Set.

Price: $34

As a word of warning, never put salt in these types of pepper grinders as the two definitely don’t go well together.