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Toss pillows are ideal decorative accessories for sofas, armchairs, beds and a variety of other furniture pieces found in the home. As the name hints to, these types of cushions are suitable for placement in multiple locations often in a haphazard setting depending on mood and whim. This colourful rooster patchwork toss pillow is an excellent example of an animal themed pillow for an interior with perhaps a rural interior décor scheme.

The rooster, or cockerel as it’s more commonly known in Europe, is highly symbolic in many cultures and is indeed a part of folklore in all corners of the world. Fairy tales of roosters crowing at dawn have entered into the storylines of numerous poems and stories although the animals actually crow at any given time during the day. The red comb and wattles on the bird’s head give it an added distinctive element.

This highly colourful patchwork-style rooster toss pillow will add a rainbow of colors to any room in the home and provide a visual treat against a sofa or armchair cover which might need livening up a little bit. If you live on a farm or in a rural area, then the rooster pillow will bring an apt theme of the outside surroundings inside. For a city dweller, the farmyard animal can bring forth imagery of a more scenic nature.

You can buy this decorative pillow from here: Rooster Toss Pillow, 16-Inch by 16-Inch.

Price: $22.94