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It’s summertime and the outside temperature is one degree above sweltering. Living by the sea, I get to enjoy the beauty of the sandy beaches along the Mediterranean coast and watch the sunset over one of the world’s most historical locations (Israel). However, the sea also brings its disadvantages and that’s the annual swarm of large stinging jellyfish which invade the waters and beaches every June/July and make swimming next to impossible for a few weeks.

Design duo Tristan Cochrane (British) and Paula Benvegnú (Argentinian) have likely also seen the swarms of jellyfish and used this wonder of nature as inspiration for their beautifully colourful jellyfish lamps. In fact, they mention the BBC’s documentary series ‘The Blue Planet’ as their route to this particular choice of animal and like me, enjoy watching the stunning variety of life found on the land and in the seas right around the world.

Each of the jellyfish lamps is made from ribbon (approximately 3-400 metres of the stuff) which conveys the slow, elegant and dreamlike movements of the Medusozoa. When the lamps are switched on in a dark room, the colourful jellyfish appear like ghosts from the blackness, just like they do in the darkness of the ocean as seen in natural documentaries. The light from the bulb streams down the yards of ribbons and catches in rich pockets of brightness.

You can read more about the lamps and see further pictures here: The Jellyfish Lamp.

H/T: Frame Magazine.