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I’ve written about driftwood creations before on this blog like the ship’s wheel made from discovered wood. During my childhood I lived by the sea and often my mother and I would find driftwood on the pebble beach which she would sometimes collect. I still have a wooden statue of hers in the shape of a human figure. It’s these memories that can flooding back when I came across this colorful driftwood coffee table made by Marcus O’Reilly Architects in Australia.

driftwood-coffee-table-topThe beaches around St Kilda in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (not to be confused with St Kilda in Scotland) are the inspiration for these driftwood coffee table creations. A dedicated team of surfers and artists are continuously on the look out for good quality driftwood that can be turned into coffee tables and similar items of furniture. The timer is then cleaned, trimmed, wire brushed, colored and waxed before being collected together to form a driftwood coffee table top.

colorful-driftwood-coffee-table-st-kildaA simple black steel frame provides the basic structure of the table onto which the driftwood pieces are layered to form a table top. Each coffee table is unique because of the individuality of each driftwood piece which is found. Markings and holes are left as they are to provide extra character to the various driftwood coffee tables the architecture firm makes to order.

This colorful driftwood coffee table made by Marcus O’Reilly Architects won the Craft Victoria Design and Innovation Award for 2009. If you live in Australia you can phone or email the creators to buy one of these beautiful nature-inspired driftwood coffee tables.

For more information visit: Driftwood Coffee Tables by Marcus O’Reilly Architects.

H/T: Design Milk.