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“Hickory, dickory, dock,
The mouse ran up the clock…”

…or in this case, the mouse is running up this rather lovely looking pewter cheese spreader, as seen in the picture below. The spreader is part of a colorful ceramic serving platter set which is especially suited to holding cheeses or hor d’oeuvres.

colorful-ceramic-cheese-serving-platterThe delightfully colorful and rather chic design is reminiscent of playful nursery rhymes which most of us enjoyed as children. Cheese and mice are of course synonymous with one another in cartoons, rhymes and songs. Unfortunately, mice and carving knives have also been known to come together in nursery rhymes as well. The three blind mice didn’t have much fun with the farmer’s wife who “cut off their tails with a carving knife”.

However, let’s not get caught up in traditional verse but instead concentrate on this ceramic serving platter set which has been carefully hand-crafted in the good old American state of Georgia. What I particularly like is the vibrancy and cheerfulness of the design which will look good on many a kitchen or dining room table. That’s especially true during the darker months of the year when a little extra color is always advisable.

pewter-cheese-spreader-with-mouse-handleMy favorite aspect of this set is the very cute pewter mouse that forms the handle of the cheese spreader. Notice to that the top of the blade has cheese-like holes as decorative additions. I think that’s a lovely little detail that really adds character to the utensil. The tail is curved into a loop which means it can also be hung up on the wall as a decorative feature in itself.

You can read more about this set’s specifications and price at the following location: Colorful Ceramic Serving Platter with Mouse Handle Cheese Spreader.

By the way, the cheese spreader mouse design is from the state of Pennsylvania. The complete set is made in the USA.