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Cookie jars are an indispensable kitchenware piece for many families with children or grandchildren. Little kids can become slightly obsessed by them as they anticipate the goodies found inside. I certainly did when I was a child and that would have been increased if my grandparents had had this charming and colorful ceramic rooster cookie jar.

Children are naturally attracted to the colorful items in life and so this ceramic rooster cookie jar is an ideal kitchenware piece for parents and grandparents to keep on a high shelf. The child will look up in wonder at the delights inside whilst the beautiful design of the rooster cookie jar will make a lovely decorative addition to the kitchen interior. For homes in rural areas that have a more natural design scheme, then this colorful ceramic rooster cookie jar is ideal.

The rooster cookie jar has been individually hand painted and as one can see from the image above, the painted decoration incorporates the natural markings of a rooster with delicate floral designs. A wide and sturdy base ensures the rooster cookie jar will not topple over in the event of too much excitement when the kids realise what’s inside. The cookies are found by removing the rooster’s head which also doubles as the cookie jar’s lid.

Animal themed kitchenware have been popular for centuries and it’s no wonder when you see the hand painted character of something like this ceramic rooster cookie jar.

You can purchase this cookie jar from the following location: Colorful Ceramic Rooster Cookie Jar.

Price: $46