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Decorative ceramic plates are a wonderful way to add color to a wall or table surface. This can be seen in this colorful ceramic plate below which displays the painting by Gustav Klimt called ‘The Virgin’. Whether placed on a metal stand, which is included, or hung on a wall in a kitchen, dining room or living room, this colorful ceramic plate highlights the gorgeous colors and forms Klimt used in his popular art work.

The decorative plate is constructed of ceramic and has been given a gloss finish. The scene of sensual women clothed in colorful garments is an iconic feature of Gustav Klimt’s paintings and will be recognisable to any guest who admires the history of art. I’ve written before about pieces inspired by the work of the Austrian Symbolist painter, largely because of how color plays such a vital role in his creations.

Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Virgin’, which this colorful ceramic plate is based on is no exception. Vibrant pinks merge with blues whilst his famed gold leaf, which dates to Klimt’s ‘Golden Phase’ also make an appearance. What I particularly like is how the figures wrap around the circular shape of the ceramic plate.

This colorful and decorative ceramic plate influenced by Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Virgin’ will make an ideal accent piece for an interior needing a little extra color or focus. If you know of a friend who has a particular affection for the artistic Symbolism movement, perhaps a poet, then this will make an ideal gift.

It’s 22″ in Diameter.