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Bringing color to the kitchen interior can often be a difficult matter to achieve in a tasteful way. Too much color can make meal times a little sickly and can also affect the appetite and mood. However, small touches of colorful kitchenware and cookware can really lighten up the ambiance of the kitchen space. That’s what came to mind when I saw this wonderfully colorful Bulgarian ceramic teapot which has been hand decorated by an artist in the Eastern European nation of Bulgaria.

bulgarian-ceramic-tea-pot-danko-colorfulMaster artist Danko is the creative hand behind these ceramic tea pots which are a delight to behold due to the rich colors they have been painted in. Made using red clay, the 6 inch high Bulgarian teapots are colored with a red and teal color design combination. It goes without saying, that each piece is unique due to the hand painted quality of these beautiful ceramic teapots from Bulgaria.

Danko lives in the northern part of Bulgaria and uses many influences from this old land in these tableware creations. The Black Sea, the Balkan mountain range and the various villages that surround this talented artist are used as inspiration in the design of these beautifully colorful ceramic teapots. Contemporary style is mixed and merged with more traditional forms of design which can only be found in Bulgaria to produce a rich and unique ceramic decorative look.

If you’re looking for some tasteful and colorful tableware for the kitchen and from which to serve friends, family and guests, then this Bulgarian teapot will be a great item to add to your service collection. When not being used to store tea, it can be left on a kitchen counter or living room table as a decorative feature that will be sure to impress visitors. For Europhiles who adore a little European history and style, then this Bulgarian tea pot will also be right up your street.

You can buy this tea pot from the following location: Bulgarian Hand Painted Decorative Teapot.

Price: $62