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Some of the most beautiful geometric art work comes from the Arab Islamic world. This is seen in the design of the Arabic tapestry wall hanging that can be seen below. The exciting tales of the Arabian Nights comes to mind when viewing this extremely tasteful combination of the most delightful colors one can hope to find. Due to the Islamic proscription on drawing the human form, Islamic art has largely focused on geometric patterns and color.

If you’re looking to add a shot of color to a wall in your home, then this Arabian Nights tapestry wall hanging is definitely worth a second look. As an admirer of color and tonal combinations, I am deeply impressed with the beauty and visual attraction this Arabian tapestry imbues. Light blues and greens, sit together with reds and deep maroons whilst black arches and curves bring the geometric shapes to the fore.

Some of the most beautiful wall patterns can be found in Islamic countries. If you’ve ever visited one of the mosques in Syria, Jordan or Egypt, you will no doubt have been impressed with the architectural and interior art and design. This Arabic tapestry wall hanging will bring a touch of the Arab world to your interior decor. The beautiful colors will compliment a variety of existing interior design schemes. If you have Middle Eastern style vases or sculpture, then this Arab tapestry will make an excellent backdrop.

Price: $169.99