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Here’s the situation. You’re low on money due to the dire economic times we live in but still need to buy a new coffee table to fill the void in the middle of the living room. All the tables you look at are either not the type you desire or are just too expensive if they do match your tastes. What are the alternatives to the traditional coffee table if this situation is similar to what you now face? Well, worry not, for there are some alternatives and they are set out below.

Coffee tables might not be a viable option for other reasons than cost. For households with young children, the sharp corners of various table styles can be a hazard and thus often the coffee table is put into storage until the child is older. The dangers of the toddler damaging an expensive table are also to be contemplated. In small rooms, large tables can also be overbearing and so smaller versions or alternatives are much sought after.

The most popular and functional alternative to a coffee table is a series of smaller side and end tables which can be placed beside a sofa or armchair instead of in front. Circular tables mean there are no sharp edges to injure young children and the smaller size prevents the furniture pieces from overcrowding the interior.

Nesting tables are ideal replacements and can be stacked together and stored elsewhere when not in use. These types of tables can be found in various aesthetically pleasing designs and are relatively inexpensive. Tray tables with detachable tray tops are another possibility and are great for rooms where snacks are often consumed. These tables also lead onto imaginative pairings such as a tray perched on top of an old and disused aquarium turned upside down. This will provide a modern glass table style.

If you’re good with your hands and have a creative streak, then you can make your own coffee table from left-over wood or metal. Some of the most beautiful furniture pieces are rustic styles that have been lovingly made by hand and not always by skilled craftsmen. Do you have woodworking materials and a little weekend spare time? Give it a try!