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A coat tree umbrella stand is an ideal hallway furniture piece for a family home. How often have you returned home in the rain only to have to leave your umbrella out in the porch or hang it over the sink to drip? It can be frustrating to be without a good place to quickly hang coats, scarves, bags and wet umbrellas. However, there is a solution and it’s one that comes in a simple yet effective design.

coat-tree-umbrella-standThe coat tree umbrella stand shown in the picture above is made from stainless steel and has six sturdy hooks on which to hang coats, bags and other outdoor clothing accessories. Below, near the base of the stand is an umbrella ring and slightly below that, a plastic tray. The latter catches any water that drips from the wet umbrella and prevents damage or dangerous slippage to the hallway flooring.

Whether it is the height of winter and you’re coming home freezing cold in the snow, or the middle of summer and you’ve arrived back soaking after being caught in a July rain shower, the coat tree umbrella stand will be the perfect hallway storage accessory. All your outdoor clothing and related items will be in one place for easy access by all the family.

You can buy this coat tree umbrella stand from the following location: Coat Rack and Umbrella Stand

Price: $118