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The majority of men like a good mechanical instrument or visual in their study, bedroom or living room. It’s just something we like to watch or to admire. Our brains are hard-wired to see function and form working together in unison, more so than women. We men like to explore the mechanics of the car, the broken television, the computer that won’t turn on. It’s in our nature to fix things and then to admire the workings of mechanical devices and intricate constructions.

I’m sure you’ve often complained when your husband or father sits idly watching scientific documentaries all Sunday afternoon about the inner workings of tanks, planes and trains.

clock-sculpture-gears-sprocketsIf this is the case and you’re looking for an ideal gift for your male counterpart, then this Gear Wall Art with Clock is the perfect answer. Whether you or he are proficient in mechanics or not, this clock wall sculpture in the shape of mechanized gears will provide a visual treat for the mechanical minded members of the family. In fact, it looks so good as a decorative art piece that even the women of the home will like it.

The industrial look is achieved with the inclusion of metal sprockets that have been hand painted. Although the gears do not actually turn, the effect is quite stunning and will be an ideal decorative art piece as well as functioning time piece for a wide variety of interiors. The most obvious of these include the home study or library, the basement games room, a bachelor pad or even the kitchen.

You can find more information about this clock wall sculpture in the shape of mechanized gears, as well as purchasing details, from the following location: Gear Wall Art with Clock.