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One of the most interesting types of furniture is that which is a metamorphosis of two different objects not usually associated with one another. The example I will give in this post is the classic tricycle table and magazine rack as seen in the image below. Not only does it look good as a functioning interior furniture piece but also as a decorative accent.

Tricycle-Table-Magazine-RackIt’s based on the tricycles common during the late 19th Century and early 20th. One larger front wheel acts as part of the table leg whilst the two smaller rear wheels form together to act as the base of a metal magazine and book rack. The table top itself is comprised of a small circular ring encasing a glass pane.

The very nature of the tricycle table means it is ideal for use as an accent table. Its wonderful and classic design means it is best located in a prominent position. Some of the best places could be the living room on which a pot of flowers or a sculpture can be placed on the top. Another location for this vintage-style table could be in a bathroom setting where towels can be folded onto the rack and various cream and lotion bottles can be placed on the ringed surface.

Notice throughout the design, there is a perfusion of circular forms flowing through the furniture piece, including the wheels, the table top and also the arched bar joining the front to the back. This makes it especially attractive for interiors which require a more relaxed atmosphere and ambiance. The main bedroom comes to mind where it can be placed near to the bed and used as a bedtime book storage area. The possibilities are endless.

You can read more about this bike as well as view the purchasing details from here: Classic Tricycle Table and Rack

Given the bike’s rustic nature, any décor scheme that highlights past and historical styles will benefit from a decorative accent like this one.