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Everyone is familiar with the classical telephone styles of yesteryear with the rotary dials, shrill rings and clunky receivers. Nostalgia is a powerful phenomenon and it’s little surprise that many of us, myself included, like to purchase old-fashioned accessories and designs from previous decades and centuries. This is especially the case if you were a child during the years when such products were the norm.

This classic silver chrome table telephone is made by Crosley which now specialises in replicas of various appliances and contraptions from the old days. Originally, in the 1920s, the company became one of the leading pioneers of radio broadcasting and production and their name is still well known around the world to this very day.

Appearance wise, the telephone is virtually identical to the early 20th Century telephones your parents and grandparents would have used on a daily basis. Except, however, the rotary dial, whilst shaped as such, is in fact imbued with push button technology for the modern generation’s comfort and sensibilities.

Other more modern adaptations that complement the traditional design of the silver chrome telephone include earpiece volume control, tone/pulse switch, flash/redial and a simple ringer on/off switch. The phone cord is also true to the original designs as seen in old photographs.

Have a closer look here: Crosley Kettle Classic Desk Phone in Brushed Chrome.

It’s going to look very stylish on a telephone table in the living room or hallway. All eyes will naturally be attracted to the sleek form and silver chrome reflective quality, especially when the ringer sounds.

Price: $69.99