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It was only quite recently that I learnt what an Étagère was. My French was pretty dire at school and I was thankful when given the option of studying German instead. However, even a Germanophile like myself has to admit, French does sound more lovely, sophisticated and perfect for the naming of a type of furniture. So what is an Etagere and why are they popular?

An Etagere is basically the French version of the English what-not. A what what? A what-not! It was a piece of furniture that was extremely popular during the early to mid 19th century in England. The original Étagère, which the English of course couldn’t pronounce properly and so changed the name, was a highly desirable item of furniture popular in France during the late 18th Century.

circular-eclipse-metal-etagere-with-glass-shelvesLet’s focus purely on the Étagère now, for in the picture above there is a circular eclipse Etagere from Johnston Casuals furniture range. As the name suggests, the furniture piece consists of a series of shelves that provide stages for ornaments, china and other small decorative items. Unlike its later English counterpart which was decidedly dull in design, the French Étagère was usually quite splendid in look. The old Louis XVI shelves made from exotic woods were the best example of these.

The contemporary circular eclipse Etagere has been created in a visually stimulating shape much unlike any of its predecessors. It was constructed using a high quality powder-coat metal and given an “onyx” finish. However there are a number of finishes you can choose from. Each shelf is made from strong glass and the item as a whole was individually hand-crafted in the United States.

It will suit a wide range of interior decor from the modern minimalist living room to the cosy study or home library where books fill the shelves. The circular shape offers an alternative and/or complimentary look to pre-existing rectangular furniture. For a focal and conversational item, it cannot be beaten. Display your best china, vases, decorative sculptures and “what nots” with pride.

You can buy this Étagère from here: Circular Eclipse Etagere from Johnston Casuals Furniture Range

Price: $2,318