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If you’re dining room table is looking a little too straight edged these days, then you should consider adding some more circular and rounded items to sit on the tabletop. A perfect example is this beautiful circles and spirals charger plate which comes in brushed copper with bronze. Whether entertaining family and friends in the home or organising a larger event elsewhere, a service plate like this one will both enhance and compliment the dining experience.

Charger plates have made a comeback in recent years after their popularity went out of fashion in the early 20th Century. Their function has always been decorative rather than as plates on which food is directly eaten. In restaurants, the charger plate is usually placed underneath guests’ dinner plates to act as a decorative border and/or as a protective layer during soup or salad dishes. They are sometimes removed once the main course meal begins.

In the home, this circles and spirals charger plate can be used in the same manner as described above or alternatively placed on a special plate easel and situated in a prominent place. The copper and bronze design will match with similar materials already present in the interior whilst the spirals will bring a much needed relief to an overly square décor arrangement or complete a floral display. It can be placed in a room outside the dining room such as a kitchen, living room or even a bedroom, where it will be just as decorative and appealing.

You can buy it from here: Circles and Spirals Charger Plate.

Price: $56.37