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Home bars are an increasingly popular phenomenon. Spare rooms or more commonly, parts of the kitchen are being given to a special drinking area with furniture pieces usually seen in nightclubs or public houses. The old fashioned wooden bar stools are well liked but there’s also a large demand for stylish and modern metal furnishings. This is seen in the Libra barstool design below.

bar-stool-chrome-libraThe witty and sophisticated Libra stool brings a functional balance to a room and most importantly, comfort. The curved front to the seating allows longer sitting time with minimal discomfort. Its swooshing design, reminiscent of streaming banners floating in the wind, is completed with a clever chrome footrest. The base is also made of chrome while brown faux leather covers the stool seating section.

It’s a great looking design and would no doubt make your friends and neighbors envious. There’s no need to worry about height either for the seat is adjustable to various settings with an easy to use lever. This means it’s possible to use them for extra seating at a dining table.

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