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A baker’s rack is a multifunctional kitchen furniture piece that was traditionally used to cool baked foods such as pies where free air circulation was needed. Nowadays however, the rack is used more widely in the home and is commonly seen as a storage and counter-top apparatus for everyday requirements in the cooking arena of the household. This chrome baker’s rack is no different and comes with a wooden cutting board surface for direct use in food preparation.

In the olden days, baker’s racks would be used for cooling baked foods and as a place to store warms pots and pans, jars and containers, as well as a place to roll out dough. They were usually highly ornamental in appearance and made from iron. That said, chrome, of which this particular baker’s rack is made, is a highly contemporary looking material which brings the rack into 21st Century style. It’s strong, long-lasting and very easy to keep clean.

The baker’s rack comes with three shelves, one of which is composed of a wooden cutting board. This can be used to cut meat, bread and vegetables. The two lower shelves are ideal for the storage of food storage canisters, jars, tins, bowls, cooking equipment and various utensils. Above the cutting board is a much smaller shelf together with hooks for hanging pots, pans and oven gloves. The rack can be used in the kitchen or alternatively in another space such as a utility room, dining room, hallway or guest room. In the latter room it can be used for holding bath towels, soaps and toiletries for visiting relatives and friends.

You can buy it from here: Chrome Baker’s Rack with Wooden Cutting Board.

Very easy to assemble.