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A child needs a comfortable and practical place in which to complete their homework. The home environment can be distracting but with a good study furniture desk and the right environment, the concentration levels of your child can be improved. As I remember from my childhood days, a good study area, with places for my books, pens and other bits and pieces helped incredibly in my desire to complete homework from school.

kids-roll-top-desk-woodIt’s important for children to feel a sense of importance when it comes to work and their studies. This can be achieved with the right furniture such as this classic-style child’s Roll Top Desk made from wood (as seen in the image). The desk, which comes with its own wooden chair, will give your child a sophisticated work area that will benefit both their studies and your piece of mind. Their writing utensils, dictionaries and homework books can all be given their own storage place.

The child’s roll top desk includes a utility drawer, lap drawer and pull-out board especially for writing on. There are also two file drawers which are ideal for the storage of papers and files. As you can see in the picture, the roll top area has a number of small and exciting compartments that a child will love, especially for their pencils, paper-clips and any little figurines.

I know that if I’d seen this child’s roll top desk when I was a kid, I’d have pestered my parents for one. It’s a practical, sturdy, functional and good looking item of child-sized study furniture that will suit any type of kid’s interior space.

Have a closer look here: Roll Top Child’s Desk – Activity Desk and Kid’s Chair Set

At the time of writing it cost: $249

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