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A chess piece bookend set is ideal for a home study or living room where chess is often enjoyed. The game is usually played by people of learning and who usually have a collection of books, large or small. That’s why a chess themed pair of bookends make a great decorative addition to one’s bookshelf or table. The rook and knight bookends will compliment the gently competitive ambiance of the chess arena.

The chess bookends are made from a mixture of polyresin and calcium carbonate which adds durability and strength. A checkered ivory and bronze base has been given a marble effect thereby creating a sense of elegance, refinement and classical regency to the scene. This fits in with the themes of chess such as the king and queen who together with the rooks, knights, bishops and pawns, fight for their domination and the enemy’s annihilation. All with a gentlemanly grace however.

For a bookshelf filled with literature on history, politics, philosophy and indeed, the game of chess, this two-piece chess themed bookend set including a rook and a knight will be the perfect addition. Functional and delightful in form.

You can buy this pair here: Chess Piece Bookend Set.

Price: $49