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The game of chess has a long and proud history that stretches back to 6th Century India and the Gupta Empire. It has since been played by the nobility of Renaissance Europe, patrons of 18th Century London coffee houses, American presidents and a generation of Russian greats including Garry Kasparov and Boris Spassky. With this long tradition behind it, any game of chess deserves a playing board to match and this is where this chess and checkers board game table set with storage drawers comes into the picture.

The game of checkers uses the same board design as chess and is actually known in my native England as ‘draughts’. This chess and checker board game table cleverly incorporates the two games thereby making the table a 2-in-1 games table with storage to match. Beneath the chess board is a storage area in the form of a drawer on either side of the table. When not in play, the chess and checker pieces can be safely stored in these boxed drawers to avoid dust and sunlight damage.

What I particularly like about this chess and checker board game table set is the fact it comes with chess and checker pieces included. This means you don’t have to worry about making an extra purchase of pieces if you are giving the chess game table as a gift to someone else. The chess and checker board game table with matching storage space and playing pieces is ideal for any family who have more than one fan of chess or checkers. It will provide a comfortable, attractive and functional game space and storage area for all the elements involved in a game of either chess or checkers.

When not in use, the table can be covered or left as a decorative accent furniture piece with perhaps a vase, sculpture or table cloth placed on top. If properly covered if can very well act as a breakfast table or surface for eating midday sandwiches before a Sunday afternoon game commences. The wooden board game table and matching wooden chess and checkers pieces are pleasing to look at and will compliment most interiors regardless of which room the table is positioned in.

You can buy this wooden chess table from this location: Chess & Checkers Table Set (26.75″ Hgt).

Board size is 25″ x 25″.