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A cherry corner curio cabinet is a good furniture choice for a dining room or living room interior. This is especially true if the interior in question is smaller than desired and a display feature is required. Instead of a regular bulky cabinet placed against a wall and getting in the way of the dining room chairs, a corner curio cabinet like the one pictured below uses the spare and often much under-used space in a corner. The best use of floor space is thus used whilst at the same time providing an attractive and functional display feature.

In rooms such as the main living area, the wood and glass corner cabinet can be complimented with existing cherry wood furniture items and interior décor. Two situated in each corner of a living room can add extra display surfaces as well as a matching balance which will enhance the interior. This particular cherry corner curio cabinet is ideal for the storage of decorative curio objects such as unique plates, sculptures, vases, statues and jewellery. The glass casing allows for the artistic items to be seen from anywhere in the room.

Made from select hardwoods and veneers, this elegant vertical cherry corner curio cabinet is designed especially to showcase and highlight your very best decorative objects. Glass shelves allow the sculptures or china to be seen from above and below whilst also giving much needed access to natural daylight and any artificial lighting. An interior light is located on the roof of the cabinet so as to create a special light effect regardless of any low-level light in the rest of the room.

A glass-mirrored back adds an extra dimension to the showcase feature as well as to the rest of the interior. The cherry corner curio cabinet also comes with a secure padlock which prevents children especially from opening the cabinet and accidentally knocking precious items off the shelves. The glass doors also prevent the excess built up of dust whilst at the same time allowing the decorative items to be seen in all their glory.

No longer will you need to worry above empty corners that need filling with flowers or small tables. This corner cabinet will bring a wonderfully eye-catching storage and display feature to any interior space. It will also provide a great opportunity to bring out all that stored-away china and art you were wondering how to showcase.

You can buy this cabinet from here: Cherry Corner Curio Cabinet.

Brand: Howard Miller.