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If you’re looking to add a burst of color to a wall then this decoupage smiling moon wall clock might just be the answer. All too often, wall clocks come in the regular white, cream or even black colorings and provide little in the way of tonal value to an interior. However, this cheerfully colorful clock is the opposite and contains beautiful shades of green, yellow, blue, red and gold.

An array of patterns add further interest not usually seen on a traditional clock face. The design is in fact a reproduction of a painting made from acrylics which has been decoupaged onto the surface of the vinyl polymer structure. Small red glass gems provide a splendid touch to each of the four corners of this square shaped smiling moon wall clock. It is in so many ways a visual treat for the eyes.

The clock is American made, having been hand-crafted in the state of Georgia. For an interior which needs a little (make that a lot) of extra funkiness, this colorful wall clock will be just the ticket. This is especially true if you like art, color, vibrancy and warm Summer evenings sipping wine beneath the stars.

Price: $29.99