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Green is a relaxing color and therefore makes a perfect backdrop for just about any room in the home, especially a bedroom. That’s why I like to use green wallpaper when I get the chance and this warm and cheery green leaf design wallpaper with red flower accents is one that caught my eye. It will enhance an interior very well, whether it receives a lot of natural daylight or not.

Green of course is abundant in nature and this leaf and floral wallpaper theme is great if you’re putting together a design theme which is based on wildlife, forests or a rural setting. For kid’s rooms in particular, this rich and vibrant green wallpaper will make the atmosphere akin to that of a glorious sunny day in a meadow or ballpark.

A sense of tranquillity is very much gained from this style of wallpaper. However, too much green can be off-putting and so the red floral highlights nicely break up the expanse of green and create important focal points for the eyes and bursts of energy and vitality. The best rooms in my opinion for wallpaper of this sort are a child’s bedroom, home study or a game’s room.

You can buy it from here: Floral Leaves in Reds and Greens by Carey Lind.

Features: Vinyl Coated – Washable – Strippable – Unpasted.