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Furniture speaks to the Interior Designer, like the wind mutters inspiration into the ears of a poet. They will know instinctively, if blessed with good taste, whether a chair or table will fit into any given room. A conversation takes place, often unknown, always unseen but the results of which can be sublime.

Palette Industries, a Canadian based design firm, have taken this human-to-furniture understanding a step further. ‘The Dharma Lounge’ is a chair made of words that conveys its message with loud abandon. Its cool, its proud and its orange but it can be customised to be any color, size and message the customer so wishes.

The purpose of this furniture piece is to “create a relationship with the participant” (how sitting can be made to sound so Olympian) based on the person’s own experiences and memories which lengthen the lifespan of the chair as well as the enjoyment of the sitter. The underlying meaning of using text as the decoration and as part of the structure will not go amiss with those seeking enlightenment on the Buddhist ‘noble 8-fold path’.

What does this chair say? “Stand Forget Breath Acknowledge Observe”

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What would your chair say?