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Most serving trays are bland in appearance and focus more on function than form. The plain ones look decent enough and some have floral patterns which can make a nice addition to a kitchen. However, if you want a serving tray with a difference and a little bit of energy, then this ceramic rooster serving tray in mainly black and white might be just the type of kitchen and serving accessory you’re looking for.

The high quality ceramic rooster serving tray is Italian made and has been made by hand. Around the edges is a wavy angular frame with two handles on either end. Naturally, it is also recessed so dishes, cups and serving plates remain securely in place. With this Italian ceramic serving tray with a rooster theme, the form in many ways matches and equals the function of the serving tray.

When tea, breakfast or lunch is served on this rooster serving tray, the beautiful hand drawn design on the surface will be a welcome addition to any interior space. The rooster has red and yellow touches to its body and the black grasses and flowers surrounding the bird fill up the tray with wild and untamed abandon. The ceramic feel to the tray makes this an ideal serving accessory to have in your inventory for when guests stay over or for other special occasions.

After tea has been served, the ceramic rooster serving tray can be placed against a wall on a sideboard as a decorative feature of the kitchen or dining room interior.

You can buy this Italian decorative tray from here: Ceramic Rooster Serving Tray in Black and White.

Price: $185.