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Some of the oldest wine-producing vineyards can be found in the European nation of Italy and especially in the very beautiful region of Tuscany. It’s therefore little surprise to see that they make some delightfully decorative wine bottle holders like this palazzo green ceramic one as seen in the image below. The green and yellow floral designs on the sides echo the landscapes found in this part of the world.

Wine connoisseurs will know many wines that come from the Tuscan region of Italy. Some of the most well-known being Carmignano, Chianti, Vernaccia, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Sassicaia, Bianco di Pitigliano and Ornellaia, to name but just a few. The beautiful landscapes of Tuscany together with the fascinating history and vineyards make it a popular tourist destination for people interested in wine and first-rate cuisine.

This ceramic palazzo green wine bottle holder is ideal for use in on any family dining room or kitchen table. The beautiful design will compliment other decorative tableware accessories whilst the functional aspect of the holder is clear to see. When a wine bottle has been opened, the bottle can be placed in the holder to avoid any drips of wine from touch a wooden table top. The secure holder also keeps the wine cool and out of direct sunlight when perhaps located outside during the summer. For white wines, crushed ice or cold water can even be placed inside together with the bottle.

The Italian ceramic wine bottle holder has actually been handmade and hand painted in Tuscany itself and minor variations insure the holder is unique. During a dinner party or garden cocktail party, the authentic Italian bottle holder will bring a touch of southern European class and style to the proceedings and make the wine seem that little bit tastier.

Italian Ceramic Palazzo Green Wine Bottle Holder – $165.00
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It’s 8.25 inches tall.