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Have you ever wanted to place your special new engagement ring, pearl earring or your toddler’s recently departed baby tooth somewhere on display? A location which is both singularly focused on the prized object, as well as visually appealing in its function? Of course it has to be safe and secure in a position where it won’t roll away or be blown off by a strong draft when doors are left ajar. What would also appeal to artists and admirers of beautiful sculpture and form?


These ceramic figurative goddess sculptures by Californian artist Harry Leaf are just the answer. These unique and individually crafted spirited goddess sculptures are made using an array of ceramic firing techniques. The colorful figurines are adorned with celebratory headdresses and flowing robes. Each carries an offering vessel on which your special new ring or baby tooth can be placed. What would you like your own figurative goddess to carry?

As said before, the figurines are created one at a time and no two are alike. This means each has a separate and distinct character and design. They can either be bought as a set or individually.

For more information about these ceramic figurines visit: Spirited Goddess Sculptures