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A fat chef cookie jar is a great gift idea for anyone you know who likes to cook and also has a weakness for delicious cookies. The ceramic fat chef cookie jar below is example of one of these and will look just the part on the counter-top or shelf of a busy kitchen. Designed by Wisconsin artist Dan DiPaolo, the ceramic fat chef’s look is inspired by paintings from the same artist.

The hand painted ceramic fat chef cookie jar is designed with one purpose in mind, to safely and securely store cookies thereby keeping them fresh. However, the fat chef cookie jar serves a secondary purpose as a decorative item to add character to a kitchen interior. A little humor is hinted at with the half eaten cookie in the fat chef’s hand, perhaps taken whilst nobody was looking.

On the chef’s hat, the word “cookies” is drawn, giving a clear signal to hungry children that this is where the cookies are kept. Whether an adult or a kid, the whole family will find an endearing quality about this ceramic fat chef cookie jar. Too many cooks in one kitchen can spoilt the broth but not in the case of this charming fat chef and his horde of cookies.

Price: $41.99